DMV office named for Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Kyle Carpenter

Kyle Carpenter, right. Town of Batesburg-Leesville Photos.

The Batesburg-Leesville Department of Motor Vehicles has named its state building in honor of Kyle Carpenter, Medal of Honor recipient.

Carpenter was in Batesburg-Leesville Wednesday morning for the renaming of the local office in his honor.

Sen. Senator Katrina Shealy of Lexington County sponsored a resolution honoring Carpenter.

He is a veteran of Afghanistan, and a retired Marine corporal. Carpenter was awarded the Medal of Honor by then-President Barack Obama in 2014.

Carpenter with Sen. Katrina Shealy.

The Medal of Honor was presented to Carpenter for his bravery during Operation Enduring Freedom in November 2010.

Carpenter and his Marine unit were on patrol in the Helmland Province of Afghanistan when a grenade landed near him and a another soldier.

Carpenter threw himself on the explosive to protect fellow Marine Cpl. Nick Eufrazio, and others, from the blast.

Carpenter was barely alive after the explosion. His injuries were described as “catastrophic.” He went into cardiac arrest and flat lined three times as a result of his injuries.
His survival is called miraculous.

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