UofSC launches “BeYOUtiful week” with encouraging notes on mirrors across campus

UofSC Student Government provided photos.

The University of South Carolina’s Student Government is launching a series of events this week to promote empowerment in students.  A variety of activities and visuals have been planned to help combat negative self-talk while promoting self-love and acceptance through a new campaign: #CarolinaBeYOUtiful week.

“By raising awareness of eating disorders and disordered eating, we hope to motivate students to attend the Columbia, S.C. National Eating Disorder Association walk on Saturday, February 9,” announced student government representatives.

The first project of the week was deemed “mirrorless Monday.” Post-it notes with positive messages and affirmations were placed in bathroom mirrors around campus to encourage all to celebrate the diversity of body shapes and sizes.

Students are asked to share their stories of self-love throughout the week with the hashtag #CarolinaBeYOUtiful.

“As someone who personally went to treatment for an eating disorder, I know how they can steal your life and happiness,” Student Body Vice President Mills Hayes said.  “I am so excited to bring awareness to an issue that is so normalized in this society because I’m tired of being told by marketing companies that I need to lose weight or wear more makeup. It’s time we start accepting our real selves.”

Southern Smash, a non-profit organization, will be visiting campus Wednesday to host a scale-smashing event from 12 to 2 p.m. on Davis Field. A SmashTALK panel will be held in the Russell House Ballroom from 7 to 8:30 p.m., where students in recovery and experts in the eating disorder field will speak from a personal standpoint.

More information on #CarolinaBeYOUtiful week can be found on the @uofscsg Instagram.

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