With PalmettoPride grant, West Columbia adds 24, green initiative, trash receptacles

The City of West Columbia has embarked on a series of green initiatives as a part of an improvement effort. The project includes placing recycling and trash receptacles in highly foot trafficked areas throughout the city.

As the recipient of the PalmettoPride Community Pride grant and a DHEC grant, the City of West Columbia was able to install 24 recycling and 24 trash receptacles strategically throughout the city. The receptacles were placed in areas that typically gathered litter due to a high volume of foot traffic. The installations began in the River District, at the Riverwalk, and along State and Meeting Streets in the Spring of 2018 and completed a few weeks ago in other areas of the city.

Public Works Director Jamie Hook said, “Since the placement of the receptacles, we have seen a reduction in litter, especially in the areas with high walking traffic.”

In January of 2018, the City of West Columbia received $4,683 from the PalmettoPride Community Pride grant and approximately $30,000 from a DHEC grant that together funded the purchase and placement of the receptacles.

“Congratulations to the City on receiving the PalmettoPride Community grant for recycling receptacles. This is a tremendous effort by the City to reduce litter and keep our City clean, beautiful, and showcases the City’s concern for our environment,” stated South Carolina State Senator Nikki Setzler.

PalmettoPride is a “Keep South Carolina Beautiful” affiliate. And part of the work it is doing with West Columbia is designed to mitigate litter, increase green space, and expand the statewide volunteer base. Also, because of the city’s association with PalmettoPride, city sanitation crews are vigilant in eliminating litter and any other unsightly debris that is encountered during regular sanitation crew routes.

Since the installation of the receptacles, the amount of litter on the streets, sidewalks, and roads has been reduced, helping the beautification effort.

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