Renderings unveiled for new elementary school on Chapin’s Amicks Ferry Road

District’s provided renderings.

Many Chapin residents have a strong opinion about the topic of building a new elementary school down high-traffic Amicks Ferry Road. Residents have voiced concerns that the influx of school traffic would cause increased travel time on the road, which has only one single entry point into the town.

Regardless of opinions, architects and engineers are moving forward with the project, when design plans were discussed for the new Lexington-Richland Elementary School 13. The drop-in style public information meeting was held Thursday at the Center for Advanced Technical Studies.

Plans were revealed via the district website with renderings and descriptions of the new school.

According to the documents, Amicks Ferry will be widened heading west, to include a new deceleration, right-turn lane into the school’s main entrance, as well as a designated left-turn lane onto Lake Tide Drive. A new deceleration, right-turn lane will be also be provided at the bus-loop entrance. Heading east, new left-turn lanes will be provided into the school property at both bus and car entrance locations. Lake Tide Drive will be widened to include a new right-turn lane onto Amicks Ferry Road.

A two-story configuration was chosen for the school in order to provide advantages to the students, staff and district:

According to documents, making the school two stories will create shorter distances between all classrooms and core areas like dining, media, gym, and related arts classrooms. The two story layout reduces the building perimeter, thereby reducing the number of required exterior doors which serve as potential access points into the school. This should provide better monitoring, and quicker response times of staff and the school resource officer. The two-story school will also be a more economical build to reduce site work and building system costs. It will leave a smaller footprint, leaving more green space left on site, and reducing stormwater runoff.

The exterior of the building combines red brick, glass and stone. Students and visitors enter through a secure vestibule at the front of the building. Pre-k and kindergarten areas are located in a one-story portion of the building with a separate entrance for parent drop-off. A fenced playground is located adjacent to the pre-k/kindergarten area. The secure courtyard at the center of the school provides breakout space for classrooms, and a means of additional natural light into the building, with a secure perimeter.

The need for the new elementary school in Chapin was originally documented in 2008. As of mid-2017, it was reported that the construction would take about two years.

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