Blythewood student gets perfect ACT score on first attempt with no studying

From left to right: Principal Math Sherman, Adrienne Leudicke, Guidance Counselor Sharmain Outlaw. Photo provided.

Blythewood High School junior Adrienne Luedicke just “aced” the ACT – a perfect score of 36 – on her first try.

According to Blythewood High’s press release, Adrienne said she did nothing to prepare for the test. “I bought an ACT workbook and didn’t touch it. So I kind of went in blind,” she said.

Adrienne’s score left her family in shock. “When I saw my score I was kind of sitting there in shock for awhile because I wasn’t really expecting to do well at all,” she said. “I saw it and I showed my mom and we both just started screaming. I definitely cried.”

She said she hopes the score will help her get into the college of her dreams in Germany after graduation. “Ideally I’d like to study in Germany after I graduate high school. It’s near my family, it’s near where my sisters are going to be. Hopefully I would like it too,” she said. “I would hope any college would look at my application and accept me because of my ACT scores.”

There were moments throughout the test where Adrienne admitted she was unsure of herself. “Specifically the science section,” she added.

In addition to her ACT score, Adrienne is currently taking four AP classes, and has a 5.0 GPA. She is a first Lieutenant in ROTC with one of the highest PT scores.

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