Kershaw County Sheriff’s Department swears in new sheriff

Johnny Deal photo. Used with permission.

There’s a new sheriff in town for Kershaw County. Lee Boan was officially sworn in at a ceremony at the Kershaw County Courthouse Wednesday evening. Boan has previously been captain of operations with the Camden Police Department. He won the election in November, taking 67 percent of the vote in Kershaw County. The ceremony had its fair share of moments including some laughs. A number of people spoke including Boan’s wife, Jennifer McElveen-Boan, who began the proceedings saying, “it’s been a long journey to this day.”

Kershaw had a large turnout when it came to the polls. Boan was humble and very grateful for the support. “I’ve never run for anything in my life to be honest with you. And I am big on preparing for things, so I’m a big numbers guy. I looked into it and I was amazed that we had more votes on Kershaw County sheriff than for any other race in the state. They were concerned about the sheriff,” he said. “They really came out and supported me. I just can’t thank the citizens for showing out like that.”

Boan has many years working in law enforcement. From working with the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office itself, to serving with SLED and many experiences within departments such as a Drug and Criminal Detective, Detective Sergeant and later as Lieutenant.

The announcement that Lee would run came in the summer of August 2017. From the primary, to a run-off, then the eventual general election, it was a lengthy process. A couple of Boan’s mentors spoke including his former boss, Camden Police Chief Joe Floyd. Floyd discussed that being a sheriff is more than just having a great background, being a leader, or even making smart decisions. According to Floyd, it starts with one’s character. “Being a good man, and Lee Boan is a good man first and foremost.”

Former Sheriff Steve McCaskill noted that honesty is key in Boan’s new position. “Honesty is the key,” he said. “You only get one chance to win their trust, don’t lose it.” McCaskill recalled when Boan initially began his into his position as a young deputy.

Boan, who has been very reserved and calm in front of crowds, stayed true to form when he spoke. He thanked different groups who were there to support him individually. He discussed his goals and what he hopes to achieve, including a drug task force. “said. “All those agencies out there that our tax payers are paying for, we are going to put it to work and communicate together and share information with one another. And do something about the drug problem to correct it.”

Boan thanked Kershaw County citizens for their support. “I wouldn’t be here without them. But also, I will not be successful at this job without their support either. We are all in this together. So let’s all keep it up and work together,” he said.

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