Blythewood woman aims to “get people healthy”

Janette Robinson. Photo provided.

Janette Robinson’s son was four years old when he almost died from an asthma attack.

​Fortunately, he survived, but his treatment — heavy doses of drugs and an inhaler — caused alarming reactions. Robinson was convinced there had to be better solutions. Her search led to both a healthy son — within a couple of months, he was off all his previous medications — and a healthy new career for her.

​Twenty-four years later, her son is thriving, and Robinson has successfully maneuvered a 180-degree career change from corporate computer science to a personal health and wellness coach.

​“I want to get people healthy,” she said. “You’ll pay for your health now through prevention or later through disease. Who wants to pay for disease?”

​Robinson creates individualized solutions and programs for a wide variety of clients, from people with chronic illnesses to serious athletes looking for more natural products to deliver hydration and nutrition. She’s built her business through word of mouth and social media over the past two decades, working with an estimated 1,000 clients in the past year alone. Many of them are women 45 years old and above.

​“Women are the cog in the wheel that makes society turn,” Robinson says. “They’re the decision-makers for their family’s health. They also tend to be researchers and are more open-minded to other ways of doing things.”

​She cited exercise-related injuries as an example. ​“Injuries can come from lots of things: lack of hydration, or the muscles weren’t warmed up or stretched properly. But the underlying cause of many injuries is inflammation. Having the right anti-inflammatory product can be a game-changer,” she said.

​She’s served as her own best advertisement for that claim. An experienced distance cyclist, she completed a 253-mile bike ride for charity — in July, no less — with none of the aches and pains other riders complained of.

​“I want to be a difference maker, a problem solver and a change agent for good,” Robinson says. “A lot of times when people have health problems, it affects them physically, mentally, emotionally, at work and at home. But there are simple, affordable solutions to many health problems. It just takes a commitment to change. It’s important for people to know there is hope.”

​Robinson can be contacted at 803-414-0313 or

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