Jessamine Quilt Shop opens in Lexington

Owner Jann Boyd poses at the front desk of her new quilt shop. Meera Bhonsle photos.

There’s a new store in Lexington that allows people to get in touch with their crafty side, while making something that will last for years. Named after the state flower, Jessamine Quilt Shop held their grand opening Wednesday afternoon. Employees invited guests to come view the vibrant fabrics and yarns the shop offers.

Owner Jann Boyd said her family has a long history of quilting. “So my grandmother and great grandmother did it,” she said. “In high school I made my first quilt.” Boyd said that the internet has aided in “bringing back” the art of quilting, especially with thousands of Youtube tutorials available for beginners.

Her store offers many types of fabrics and yarns for people to purchase for quilting. “We have a whole room dedicated to yarn,” she said. Boyd has made about 20 quilts, but said there are more experienced quilters in the shop who are very good. “I’m kind of a cheerleader, fabric lover, and a little bit of a quilt maker,” she laughed.

Boyd plans to begin offering quilt-making classes in January, open to the public. Although she said there is no employee in the shop there to just make custom quilts for customers, it can still be done. “Someone could come here, and staff could talk to them to understand what kind of quilt they’d like made.” The shop also has an embroidery machine.

The most important thing for her shop, according to Boyd, is to empower people to believe they can try something new, or advance in what they already know. “They are all – whether they know it or not – fiber artists,” she said.

Additional information can be found on the company’s website:

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