Active shooter defense the topic at C-WC Chamber Breakfast, Tuesday

Capt. Hampton Taylor

What would you do in an active shooter situation at your business?

That was the question Capt. Hampton Taylor of the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department wants to help answer. He spoke at the Greater Cayce-West Columbia Chamber Breakfast, Tuesday. It was held at Mt. Tabor Lutheran Church, West Columbia.

“It’s tough to hear this,” said Deb Summers, Lexington County Council Chairwoman, who introduced Taylor. “We just don’t want to think about it happening here.”

But Taylor said you can be prepared.

“It’s about a mindset,” he said, regarding the event of an active shooter. Taylor then said a common instinct is to run toward the door in which you entered when trying to flee, but that could be running toward the shooter.

“Situation awareness” is important to survival, said Taylor. Get away from the danger.
He also said a shooter will be drawn to a mass gathering spot, including a grocery store, a church or a school, in addition to a business.

Taylor said the three steps to take in an active shooter situation are: avoid,; deny; and defend. He said get out of the building if possible. If you can’t get out, deny the shooter access to you by hiding or barricading yourself in a spot where the shooter cannot get to you.

If you have no other choice, Taylor advised defending yourself.
“Use anything you can,” as a weapon, said Taylor. And put up a fight for your life.

Taylor said law enforcement usually responds to an active shooter scene in less than five minutes. He also said that often the threat comes from an internal source at a business. He advised reporting changes in the behavior or appearance of someone who may be a threat. “Get them help before something happens,” he said.

The Lexington County Sheriff’s department will conduct a risk analysis for businesses. Taylor is the point of contact at email:

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