94.3 The Dude’s highlighted soldier of the week: US Army Colonel Retired Kevin Shwedo

94.3 The Dude’s Soldier Salute host Don Sornson conducts a weekly interview with a local member of the Armed Forces. The current soldier of the week is U.S. Army Colonel Retired Kevin Shwedo. This is a preview of Sornson's interview with Shwedo.

Col. Kevin Shwedo. Photo provided.

If you ever think you have more going on than you can manage, just google Kevin Shwedo. You may recognize his name as the Director of the S.C. Department of Motor Vehicles, but that is just scratching the surface. Kevin retired from the US Army as a “Full Bird” Colonel and soon took on a new role that some would just as soon stay away from.

“The old Saturday Night Live skit states the IRS only exists to make the DMV look good,” joked Shwedo. I don’t think many in South Carolina that have been to the DMV lately have too much to complain about though. “Our average wait time is down to nine minutes,” he added. South Carolina’s average is drastically lower than the national weight time average of four hours.

Kevin Shwedo attributes much of his success with his new gig to the skills he learned in the Army, many of them right here at Ft. Jackson. “I moved 24 times in 30 years,” he said. “I never went to any duty station more than once with the exception of Ft. Jackson.” Shwedo took the skills he learned and plagiarized them in his new job. “This is the first time I’m publicly admitting that I plagiarized them,” he laughed. “But I took the programs the Army taught me and I used those to bring our training online so that all 66 DMVs were on the same page.”

COL(R) Kevin Shwedo talks more about his time in the Army, his role as the Director of the DMV, and his additional duty as the Civilian Aid to the Secretary of the Army on this week’s Soldier Salute.

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