Jackson Pollock’s 20 ft. mural to be displayed at Columbia Museum of Art

Photo from CMA Facebook page.

The Columbia Museum of Art announced Wednesday that artist Jackson Pollock’s 20-ft.-wide iconic mural painting is coming to the CMA.   The piece catapulted the artist into the spotlight, brought out the experimentation of Abstract Expressionism, and broadened the spectrum of modern art.  The exhibition will be on view Wednesday, Dec. 5 to Sunday, May 19.

Jackson Pollock: Mural, featuring the signature work, as well as scientific research about it and its creation myth, is part of an international tour that includes premier European and American museums.

According to the CMA’s announcement, Mural is Pollock’s largest painting and was his first commission by legendary art collector Peggy Guggenheim, who wanted a site-specific work for the entry hall of her New York townhouse.  Guggenheim moved to Venice, Italy in the 1940s, and the artwork was loaned to Yale University.  It remained there until it was donated to the University

“Having this landmark painting at the CMA is an extraordinary opportunity,” Curator Catherine Walworth said.  “I get caught up in the exciting story of Pollock making Mural and what happened to the painting in the decades afterward.  But I also want to encourage people to stop, sit down, and really enjoy looking at a painting for longer than perhaps they are used to doing.”

Executive Director Della Watkins said Mural is the Mona Lisa of modern art.  “Why? You’ll have to come and see,” she added.  “Expect a large, dynamic, and colorful visual experience, one that inspired the movement known as Abstract Expressionism.”

More information can be found at columbiamuseum.org.

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