Henry McMaster declared winner of SC governor’s race

McMaster was an early supporter of Pres. Donald Trump, who campaigned for McMaster.

Henry McMaster will see four more years in office as Governor of South Carolina.  The election results from Tuesday evening showed McMaster beat Democratic opponent James Smith, approximately 54 to 46 percent (latest numbers as of 1:45 a.m.).

“I am proud of the people of South Carolina, and everywhere I go I know I must stand two or three inches a little bit taller, just because I am so proud to be representing the people of South Carolina,” McMaster said during his speech.  “And I am thrilled to have the chance to do it for four more years.”

McMaster won his first full four-year term in the state’s top office after becoming governor through an appointment to lieutenant governor.  Then Gov. Nikki Haley was appointed the United Nations ambassador last year by President Donald Trump. McMaster was one of Trump’s earliest statewide supporters among Republicans.



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