CoCreate Lexington invites community to rethink working from home

Founder Kiri Rawson (left) with community manager Kati Horton. Meera Bhonsle photos.

Lexington welcomed its newest business Thursday with the ribbon-cutting of CoCreate, a collaborative workspace where individuals who usually work from home or coffee shops can gather and work in an encouraging environment.

Founder, Kiri Rawson said she had the idea to open CoCreate after some years of soul searching. This led to her realization that a space like this would be an ideal work environment for many stay-at-home mothers, entrepreneurs, and other working individuals. “We just went for it,” she said. Rawson understands the difficulty and oftentimes the loneliness that comes with working from home. “I was a work-at-home mom for 10 years, and sometimes it just wasn’t fun,” she added.

CoCreate is designed to be an open and welcoming space. The intent is for those who utilize it to provide a support system for each other. “It’s about community, it’s about help, it’s all about building each other up and making each other successful,” Rawson said.

The 10,000+ sq.-ft. space has two full-sized swings as an available method for stress relief for those working, or their children. “You cannot stay cranky on a swing,” Rawson said. To assist in executing the concept of a creative, free work environment, CoCreate has features like a Lego wall surrounding a chalkboard, a cozy area with a couch, and even a play area for children.

CoCreate community manager Katie Horton said she has enjoyed being a part of the project. She, too worked from home and touched on the struggles of being a working mother without having a collaborative work space. “Being able to spend time with your tribe and having the space to be around your people is so important,” Horton said. Horton expressed her appreciation for having a workspace where she can invite her friends and have the time to not only complete tasks, but also socialize.

CoCreate is located at 714 South Lake Drive in Lexington. For more information on CoCreate and how to become a member, visit

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