Candidate withdraws at Lexington 2 forum, others introduce themselves

From left: Moderator Gavin Smith, Bud Summers, Mike Neal, Christina Rucker, Linda Alford Wooten, Wayne McKim, Denise Setzler, and Brad Giles.

Candidates for the Lexington District 2 School Board took part in forum, Monday.

It was presented by the Greater Cayce-West Columbia Chamber, and held at Cayce Elementary School.

Candidates introduced themselves and answered questions posed to them by moderator Gavin Smith.

In her introduction statement, candidate Denise Setzler withdrew from the race. She said it would give other candidates who are challenging incumbents a better chance to win.  Another candidate, Tonya Crawford Mozenko, was not present for the forum.

Without Seztler, and Mozenko, six candidates were left to run for the three open seats on the board. Linda Alford Wooten and Brad Giles are currently on the board and running for reelection.
Challenger Wayne McKim, said he owns three local businesses. He also said he thinks Lexington Two is a great district, but he wants to make it better. He said the district needs an overhaul.

Alford Wooten, a manager in the medical field, said she is a lifelong resident of West Columbia and a graduate of Lexington District Two schools, including Brookland-Cayce High School. She said she respects the rich tradition of the schools. She said she’d love to stay on the board to see the completion of the many building projects going on in the district.

Brad Giles of Giles Brothers Insurance, said he could live anywhere but chose Lexington Two because it’s where he went to school. He is a Brookland-Cayce graduate and he said his three children have all attended the district’s schools, too. Giles said he ran for the school board to improve the school board, the district, and the community.

Christina Fitts Rucker oversees a business she owns with her husband. She is a graduate of Airport High School. Her children go to Lexington Two schools and she said she and her family are a third generation in the district. Rucker said she is motivated by the children, and she’d focus on their academic progress.

Mike Neal, professed his belief in Jesus Christ as a part of his introduction. He also said he taught in Lexington Two for 28 years. He said when he taught in the district it was the best, and the district needs to be brought back to where it was. Neal said he’d like to help turn the direction of the district and spend its resources more efficiently.

Bud Summers, who served as the water systems manger for the City of Columbia for decades, said he was born and raised in the Lexington Two School District. Summers said he is very active as a volunteer in his church, Platt Springs Baptist. He has also volunteered to help students at Airport High School, where he graduated from. Summers said he has a desire to serve and he’d use his experience to put students first.

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