Domestic Violence Awareness month prompting Midlands organization to host concealed carry class

Graphic provided by Kiwan Fitch-Webster. 

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month, and one South Carolina organization is holding an event to help equip women with the ability of self-defense. Empowered Connections is a local social service agency that serves women and families. The group is hosting a concealed weapons permit class with a licensed instructor Saturday at 9 a.m.

Empowered Connections C.E.O. Kiwan Fitch-Webster said she wanted to create an event that would help give women in particular, a different type of empowerment.

“We want to teach women to love themselves better, so we will not allow other people to mistreat us,” Fitch-Webster said. “What better way than to educate them on the laws of South Carolina? You do have a right to carry and protect yourself, but that only works if you know the law.”

According to Fitch-Webster, the class is open to both women and men. “This is one of multiple events to benefit women and families. Well, we say men are part of four family,” she said. Domestic violence is a community issue, and a family issue, she added.

Fitch-Webster said she realizes this class could have the potential to save someone’s life. “The whole purpose of Empowered Connections is to do just that,” she said. “I understand the level of impact our services can have, and I’m fine if it’s even one person it helps.”

The CWP class is being taught by Tac Lettsome, an officer with the Columbia Police Department. There are spaces for up to 25 participants. Fitch-Webster said if additional people show interest, she will plan to schedule another class. The admission fee is $65.

Anyone over 18 years old interested in obtaining their concealed weapons permit through Saturday’s class, can contact Kiwan Fitch-Webster directly at 803-609-3408.

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