Zaxby’s coming to Chapin

Newberry Zaxby’s

It was mentioned at Chapin’s town council meeting Tuesday night in the zoning report, that a Zaxby’s was one of the future businesses coming to the Chapin area.

Public Affairs Director Nicholle Burroughs was able to provide a few more details, although she said the specifics have not been completely figured out yet.

According to Burroughs, Zaxby’s is working with Lexington County, and the Town of Chapin to obtain permits for a location on Columbia Avenue. Zaxby’s will be positioned between a former lumber yard, and the Waffle House.

The restaurant’s location will provide convenient access to interstate drivers, as well as those living in town. Depending on the permitting process and responses from the project representatives, construction could be beginning next year, according to Burroughs.

Currently the closest Zaxby’s stores to Chapin are located on Main Street in Newberry, and Lake Murray Boulevard in Irmo.

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