Kiki’s Chicken & Waffles opening new location in Harbison area

Kiki’s signature chicken and waffles dish. Photos used with permission.

Authentic chicken and waffles will soon be available to a new crowd of people in the Midlands. Kiki’s Chicken & Waffles, currently located in Northeast Columbia on Parklane Road, is opening another location. The new Kiki’s will be on Bower Parkway, in the former HuHot Mongolian Grill restaurant space.

Owner Kiki Cyrus said their main reason for opening the new location is due to customer requests. “We just always get customers coming in and asking us for a location across the dam side of town,” she said. “We thought the Harbison area was a centralized location because pretty much everything is over there.”

Kiki’s is known for its southern soul food, and most notably, chicken and waffles. The new location will still offer the same menu as the original. However, the 5,958 sq.-ft. Bower Parkway restaurant will include a private area for small parties, and offer outdoor seating.

Cyrus said it’s very exciting to know their new store will allow additional customers to try Kiki’s for the first time. “A lot of people have not tried us out because we’re so far from them. We still have a lot of new customers we’ll be open to, now that we’ll have a location on that side of town,” she said.

The original Kiki’s opened six years ago, and Cyrus said she had no idea the amount of success it would bring. “It’s kind of bad to say, because you want to think good, but when we first opened the first two weeks were very slow,” she said. “We thought, ‘what are we doing wrong?’ But after about four weeks, it just got crazy busy.”

Cyrus said she considers themselves to be a “destination restaurant,” after meeting many customers who have traveled from different parts of South Carolina – and even out of state – to try her food. “I’m like, wow, how do they even know about it?” she laughed.

The opening date for the new Kiki’s has not been determined yet. “The contractors still have to give us a time frame for how long it’ll take to revamp the place,” she said. However, Cyrus also said she hopes it will be some time before the end of the year.

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