Ridge View High School to operate as shelter for hurricane evacuees

Photo retrieved from RVHS Facebook page.

Richland County, in partnership with the American Red Cross, will be opening Ridge View High School on Hard Scrabble Road to serve as a shelter for coastal evacuees.

The shelter will be open as of 4 p.m. Tuesday. According to Richland County’s Public Information Officer, the shelter will not accept pets. However, the county is making plans to accommodate evacuees who arrive with domesticated animals.

Richland County is currently operating at OPCON Level 3, which indicates an emergency situation is likely or imminent, with partial activation of the Emergency Operation Center (EOC). The EOC acts as the central hub for the County’s emergency response activities during severe weather events and other emergency situations.

Residents with general questions related to the storm may call the EOC at 803-576-3439.
In addition to housing evacuees, the county will also be assisting with medical evacuations from the coast. Members of the Emergency Medical Services Division are taking part in medical evacuations by transporting patients from coastal regions to other facilities.

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