Children from Chapin Baptist Church collect 1,618 pounds of food for We Care

CBC kids loading up the donations for We Care. Photos provided by Kyndra Bremer.

Chapin Baptist Church’s Vacation Bible School volunteers asked their children to contribute to a worthy cause this year. The church provided a VBS shirt to all children who were willing to bring canned goods to donate to Chapin We Care. Although the initial request was five cans per child, VBS Director Jeannette Farr said many brought more than the expected amount. Chapin Baptist was able to donate 1,618 pounds of canned goods to the facility by the end of the week.

“You could tell they weren’t just doing it for the shirts,” Farr said. “The kids were carrying the bags through the parking lot, some of them could barely pick them up, the bags were just as big as they were.” The children ranged from kindergarten to sixth grade, and Farr said all of them felt proud of their donations. “It seems as though the church has taught our kids really about the opportunity to give to others around us,” she added.

Family Pastor John Bremer said he was amazed to see how much the kids rose to the occasion. According to Bremer, the children were the ones who handled most of it themselves. “To see these kids carrying the bags in with excitement on their faces – and they’re the ones doing it – I was just blown away,” he said. Bremer did say they had to make it a little competitive between the groups of kids, but he explained to them that what they were doing was more than just a game. “I was talking to them about how you’re providing food and nourishment to a family that otherwise would not have it,” he said.

We Care’s Janet Marshall said Chapin Baptist’s contribution will certainly make an impact on their provisions to local families. “Our shelves were empty. We did not have that much food to give to our clients,” she said. “So, when the 1,618 pounds came in, that was awesome. You just cannot believe the food we were able to put on our shelves.”

Marshall said that amount of food will be dispersed pretty quickly to their families in need. She recently began a campaign for We Care called “fill the shelves,” and has seen an increasing amount of donations since then. She said she hopes the generosity will continue. “I’m hoping other churches will take this as a lead, and do the same thing,” she said. “If the kids can do it, let’s get the adults to do it.”

Chapin We Care is located at 1800 Chapin Road, and is open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9 a.m. to noon.

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