“Super termite” discovered in Lexington County, first time in history

“Super termite,” photo provided.

An unwanted guest has made its way into Lexington County. Modern Exterminating’s Inspector Rodney Dorn was conducting an inspection of a residence in June, when he noticed something he didn’t normally see.

The homeowner had called with suspicions of swarming termite activity. Dorn realized they did not look like the usual eastern subterranean termite found in the Midlands. What Dorn found was a Formosan termite, also known as the “super-termite” because of their ability to consume wood at a very rapid pace. They cause a heavier amount of destruction to properties when being compared to the common type.

“The characteristics of the insect and situation did not match the termite we are used to seeing,” Dorn said. “So I submitted my findings to the Clemson University entomology department right away.” Head entomologist at Clemson, Dr. Eric Benson, confirmed that this Formosan termite is the first known infestation of the species in Lexington County.

The “super-termite” is usually found on the coast.  “It’s definitely scary to think about, but they are here,” Dorn said.  “They’re hard to get rid of, but hopefully we can keep tabs on them.”  According to Dorn, they were previously discovered in York County, but have since been eradicated from the area.  “Hopefully we can eliminate them too and be done with them,” he said.

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