Bridges being installed to Boyd Island on Saluda Riverwalk

Mike Dawson, CEO, River Alliance. Photos by Terry Ward.

It won’t be long before there is access to a parcel of land called Boyd Island from the Saluda Riverwalk near Riverbanks Zoo.

A crew from Cape Romain Contractors is putting in two sections of a bridge to the island at the confluence of the Saluda, Broad and Congaree rivers.

Mike Dawson, CEO of the River Alliance, said Tuesday the bridges to the island will connect to the Richland County Penny Saluda Riverwalk to the island. He said the trail, and access to the four-acre island should be completed in early fall. The Darnall W. and Susan F. Boyd Foundation is funding the bridges, so the island has been dubbed “Boyd Island,” said Dawson.

“There are several gorgeous islands in the rivers with no way to get to them. This bridge will allow you to go on the island. There will be a loop and an overlook,” said Dawson. He said landscaping will be added, too.

Dawson said the City of Columbia will own the riverside features, including the trail and the island with the bridges, when all the work is complete.

Phase II of the Three Rivers Greenway, planned for the future, will cross the Saluda River and tie Columbia’s Riverfront Park and the Saluda Riverwalk in with the miles of Riverwalk trails on the Lexington County side of the river, in West Columbia and Cayce. That project will include a bridge north of Boyd Island.

Dawson said access to the trails, via a parking lot, still has to be determined.

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