Columbia represented in the first Carolina food festival at Carowinds

Carowinds amusement park in Charlotte is hosting its first ever food festival this summer, and Columbia’s local Manchester Farms has been chosen as a representative. The Great Carolina Fest will explore the rich culture of the Carolinas through food, entertainment, and family fun. Thousands of people will be experiencing tastes of the south, and bacon-wrapped quail from Manchester will be one of the items on the menu.

Manchester Farms is the oldest and largest family-owned quail farm in the nation.  Angela Covington said the Farm is a member of the American Culinary Federation, where they met Carowinds Executive Chef Kris Siuta. Siuta sampled some of their quail, and according to Covington, he wanted to incorporate it into the Carolina Fest. Covington said Siuta has already placed his first order of 500 pieces, and will be creating the dish along with his team at Carowinds.

The farm provides quail to states all across the country, but Covington said it still means a lot to them to be represented near home. “We are very proud of that,” she said. “Even though we’re in every state in the nation, we’re South Carolina first.”

Other available dishes will include bourbon peach pie, shrimp and grits, crispy banana pudding, roasted corn, and a pulled pork spring roll. The Carolina Fest will begin June 9 and go until June 24. In addition to the food, there will be Carolinian entertainment, games on the lawn, signature iced teas, and craft beer.