Rocket Fizz candy and soda shop opening in Columbia with wild soda flavors

There’s a new candy shop coming to Columbia, and it will offer more than the expected sweet treats. Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shop specializes in candy and sodas, from the usual flavors to the unusual.

Midlands customers will be able to get sodas from Rocket Fizz that include sweet flavors like pumpkin pie, birthday cake, peanut butter & jelly, and key lime pie. Soda flavors for the more daring include pickle juice, buffalo wing, bacon, and even a ranch dressing flavor. One flavor USC fans may particularly enjoy is called “cock cola,” which is described as a strong cola taste.

This will be the chain’s first location in South Carolina. Until now, the closest Rocket Fizz location to the Midlands would require a trip to Charlotte.

The store began in California in 2009, and has since spread to states across the country. According to the website, all locations are independently owned. The Columbia store will be located at 929 Gervais Street. Additional information about the chain, and all soda flavors can be found at

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