Changes could be coming for Cayce’s Congaree Bluegrass Festival

Danny Creamer, Cayce Mayor Elise Partin.

The Cayce City Council presented Danny Creamer with the Ambassador Award for his efforts over the years in the development of the city’s Congaree Bluegrass Festival.

Mayor Elise Partin began the presentation, Tuesday, by saying, “The ambassador we’re about to recognize has no idea this is coming.”

She then called Creamer to the podium to give him the award.

“Danny met with the events committee in 2008 about having a Bluegrass festival,” she said. “In the following days, the chairperson met with Danny and asked him to join the committee in planning.”

According to the Mayor, Creamer is now the chairman of the committee, and takes great pride in what he does.

Creamer was overwhelmed with the acknowledgment he received from the mayor and the council. He expressed surprise.

“I really don’t know what to say, I wasn’t prepared for this,” said Creamer. “I love this community and the people in it, and it’s been my pleasure to highlight the city of Cayce. I love the direction the city is moving and I’m just glad to be a part of it. Thank you all so much.”

After giving his thanks to council, Creamer joked by saying he realized now why there were so many of his fellow committee members who had come to the meeting.

Soon after the award presentation, Creamer gave an update about the city’s Bluegrass Festival and the changes it may soon be experiencing. He announced that the committee is looking to calling it a “music festival” in the near future, and expanding the event to different types of music, rather than strictly bluegrass.

“We are looking forward to going in a new direction. Something that can be entertaining for everyone,” said Creamer.

He mentioned that the city has been undergoing some new developments, and wants this festival to adapt to that too.

“I think with our new Cayce, that part of the puzzle is going to fit in quite nicely,” he said. Creamer also mentioned that the committee has discussed potentially moving the festival to a different time of year, with the spring looking like a high possibility.

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