Palmetto Health updates patients’ status from Amtrak train accident

Palmetto Health hospitals have received an influx of patients from an Amtrak train accident in West Columbia, South Carolina, earlier this morning, Sunday, Feb. 4. Palmetto Health hospitals patient count has been updated. The thoughts of all our team members are with the family and friends of those injured in this accident.
The total number of patients has been adjusted at each hospital. Palmetto Health did receive 62 patients: 59 adults and 3 children. Patient count and conditions at the hospitals include:

· Palmetto Health Baptist received 4 patients: 1 admitted in fair condition.

· Palmetto Health Baptist Parkridge received 10 patients: 1 admitted in fair condition, 1 still being evaluated for admission.

· Palmetto Health Richland received 48 patients: 4 were admitted. Patient conditions include 1 in critical condition, 2 in serious condition and 1 in fair condition.

· All other patients were evaluated, treated and released but may still be waiting to be transported.
Palmetto Health continues to coordinate with local authorities, Amtrak and the American Red Cross to assist these families in any way possible. Special thanks to everyone who stepped up to help assist in this emergency.