Firenza Pizza opens, and brings a little of Italy to Lexington

Lexington Square has a new business in it. 

Bruce Rickman and his wife Eileen have opened Firenza Pizza. It is the first of the Firenza stores to be built in South Carolina.

Rickman said he is excited to be entering the new venture after working many years in the insurance industry.

My wife and I are at our retirement age, and were looking to do something new. And this seemed like an interesting thing to do,” he said. They have gotten the rights to open five locations that will be in different areas throughout the state.

One of the main differences Firenza Pizza offers from other competitors is that their crust is made with flour that is imported from Italy.

It’s what the Italians use in their own pizza crust,” said Rickman.

He said he is proud to say that the dough is made fresh every day. When customers order, they get to watch their pizza being made in front of them, starting with the hand-formed dough. This method of forming it for each order allows it to be lighter and have more air in it.

The way it’s refined, you just don’t feel like you’re left with a gut full of pizza,” he said.

Firenza offers 10 signature pizzas. Or you can choose toppings to create your own. The 10-inch cheese pizzas are $5.99, and the largest is a 14-inch, which begins at $16.49. All pizzas cook in three minutes.

The employees at the Lexington Firenza expressed excited about the way their new store is handling business. General Manager Zack Bush is appreciative to be involved in the Rickman’s new restaurant.

It’s really cool to be a part of their first store, and to be able to work right here with the owners,” he said. “When you get in with a big franchise or corporation you know that hardly ever happens.”

The response to Firenza has been positive so far, according to Rickman.

In addition to pizza, Firenza offers baked chicken wings, meatballs, salads, and breadsticks. Dine-in customers can enjoy wine that is imported from Italy, along with draft beer. When asked why he chose this type of food, he quickly responded, “Well who doesn’t love pizza?” Firenza is opened from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.