Brookland-Cayce, Airport students help build Habitat for Humanity homes

Seniors from Brookland-Cayce and Airport High Schools are working together.

The Lexington Two students are building wall frames that will be used to construct three Habitat for Humanity homes in Cayce. The students are working on the project through the district’s Career and Technology Education (CATE) program. This program allows students the opportunity to choose one specified occupational area to focus on.

Kenny Shumpert is the teacher in charge of the wall-building project. According to Shumpert, the project began when the students got back from winter break after a Habitat for Humanity representative met with him.  The students working on the walls are helping the organization, while getting hands-on experience in their desired area of study.

“We have a lot of different areas of study for the CATE program, and these are the six students who chose carpentry,” Shumpert said. “We’re on the eleventh wall now, and there are six students working on it.” Once the students finish the project, there will be 33 total walls built. The project will be finished by March 3.

The walls will be used in a Habitat Blitz Build that will begin March 3, in Cayce. Three houses will be built each in eight days. Habitat for Humanity’s Executive Director Roy Kramer thinks it’s going to be a great experience for the students to see their product go into real use.

“To build a house is a big deal. And for them to frame the walls in a controlled environment, then they get to see them being built into a home, that’s powerful,” said Kramer.

The walls will be picked up from the CATE building, put into a truck and delivered to the building sites in Cayce. Kramer says he hopes the students will be able to visit the site later in the week so they can see how their work plays out for a real footprint.