Holocaust survivor shares her story with Gilbert Middle School students

GMS students presented Lazan with their journals, news articles and poems when she came to speak. Lexington One photo. 

From Lexington One Schools

An historic visitor to Gilbert Middle School shared her deeply personal story with students and staff. Marion Blumenthal Lazan, author of “Four Perfect Pebbles: A Holocaust Story,” visited GMS on Jan. 8. She spoke about the importance of hope, courage and compassion. According to a Lexington One release, students and staff sat in rapt attention to hear firsthand from a woman who was a witness to and a survivor of events during the Holocaust.

In return for the sharing of her story, students showed their appreciation with original writings and music.

Prior to Lazan’s visit, eighth-graders read “Four Perfect Pebbles: A Holocaust Story” as a class and viewed the documentary “Marion’s Triumph: Surviving History’s Nightmare.” Students interpreted the events through various forms of writing, including an original rap, “As a German Soldier: The Things I See,” written by Eighth-Grader Terrell M. Peebles.