Blythewood Academy student tased and arrested, charged with assault and making threats

A 16-year-old, female Blythewood Academy student was arrested at school, Tuesday. A school resource officer also used his taser on the student while making the arrest.

The female student was charged with threatening a public official, resisting arrest and assault and battery. The student’s name is being withheld by the Richland County Sheriff’s Department because of her age.

Deputies were summoned to the Richland District 2 alternative school around 10 a.m., where a meeting was being held between the student, a principal and other faculty members.

The student made threatening “advances” and beat a deputy with her hands and feet, according to a sheriff’s report.

The school resource officer used a taser to gain control of the student. The officer pressed the taser on the student, and did not deploy the taser cartridge on the student.

EMS was called to the scene to examine the student after the incident with the officer. Then the student was arrested.

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