EdVenture’s Military Appreciation Day is July 4, free admission to military

ColaDaily file photo

EdVenture will host Military Appreciation Day on July 4 offering free admission to all military members and dependents.

Free children’s lunches will be provided on that day to all military dependents under 12 served in the Sysco Carousel Cafe. The day will honor the men and women who serve our country and protect our communities.

“We are a community that truly appreciates our military service members and their families,” said Karen Coltrane, president and CEO of EdVenture. “So we are excited to honor them with a free family experience at the museum on the Fourth of July. And we are grateful to our sponsors and volunteers for helping us make this possible. ”

EdVenture traditionally holds Military Appreciation Day on Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Veterans Day. Military Appreciation Days are sponsored by Gregory Electric, Shealy Electrical Wholesalers, and Mulliken Law Firm.

EdVenture will be decorated in flags as it recognizes the contributions and sacrifice that military children make alongside their military parents. While military service members and their dependents can enter for free on Military Appreciation Day, all guests are invited to explore the museum, participate in patriotic activities such as book readings, learning about the science of fireworks, make your own Statue of Liberty crown in the AHA! Factory and writing thank you notes to our military currently serving.