Rep. Rick Quinn to remain free on personal recognizance

After agreeing to return to the court in the future, Rep. Rick Quinn was allowed to go free on personal recognizance by Judge Knox

Rep. Rick Quinn S.C. House Photo.

McMahon, Tuesday in a Richland County courtroom.

In accordance with the bond agreement, the Lexington Republican would have to pay a $50,000 bond if he missed a court date.

Quinn was indicted on May 16, by the State Grand Jury. He is charged with two counts of misconduct in office.
He is accused of not reporting money he received from contributors and accepting money in exchange for his influence.
Quinn has denied the accusations against him.

Quinn attorneys are also pushing an effort in court to remove Prosecutor David Pascoe from the case, using the argument that possible evidence being used against Quinn was not properly collected. McMahon could rule on Quinn’s effort to remove Pascoe in early June.

Quinn has said Pascoe is pursuing a political vendetta against him.