Riverbanks Zoo sets attendance record during spring break

Riverbanks Zoo and Garden is boasting a new milestone in its 43-year history following a wildly successful spring break. During the nine day stretch from Saturday, April 8 to Sunday, April 17, the Zoo welcomed nearly 93,000 guests and set a single-day attendance record of 14,382 visitors on Friday, April 14. The record was announced Thursday in a press release.

“The numbers are quite impressive,” said Satch Krantz, president and CEO of Riverbanks Zoo and Garden. “The Zoo has experienced a growing trend in visitors over the last several years, and we are on track to surpass last year’s attendance record of nearly 1.3 million guests.”
Riverbanks’ marked its previous single-day record of 13,752 guests on Friday, October 9, 2015 following South Carolina’s historic flooding. Krantz adds that large crowds are typical during spring break which traditionally kicks off the Zoo’s busiest time of year. “Daily attendance averages more than 6,000 people during peak season.”

Spring break also proved popular for the Zoo’s eight attractions. Riverbanks’ Endangered Species Carousel reported the largest numbers with 16,538 rides while the Spots and Stripes children’s train made 9,831 trips. The herd at Giraffe Overlook digested 6,496 pieces of lettuce and the flock at Lorikeet Aviary sipped on 6,000 cups of nectar.

In addition, Riverbank’s food and retail division enjoyed their own slice of success. Hospitality highlights include the sale of 11,229 small Dippin’ Dots, 9,646 slices of pizza, 8,653 small ICEE’s and 8,041 plush items.