Rep. Joe Wilson lays out agenda for GOP-controlled Washington

Excited about the prospect of a federal government fully dominated by Republicans for the first time in 16 years, Congressman Joe Wilson on Tuesday outlined his personal agenda when President-elect Donald Trump and the 115th Congress take the reins of power next month.

The last time the GOP controlled all three branches of government occurred in 2001, when George W. Bush and fellow Republicans rolled into Washington.


Rep. Joe Wilson (Front page photo by Annie Richardson)

As he does before each new session, Wilson, a Springdale Republican, announced his legislative agenda at media presentations across the Second Congressional District, visiting West Columbia, Aiken, North Augusta, Barnwell, and Orangeburg. For the most part, his agenda remained unchanged from previous sessions of Congress.

But where Republicans have failed before, Wilson, like many newly emboldened party members, believe a sea change is on the horizon.

“With President-elect Donald Trump and strong majorities in the House and Senate, we have been given a new opportunity to promote positive conservative change,” said Wilson, who originally supported Senators Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio for President before jumping on the Trump bandwagon.

“I am optimistic for our children and grandchildren—fighting to promote limited government and expanded freedom for American families,” he said.

With a primary focus on creating jobs and economic growth, Wilson detailed plans to reduce taxes and “harmful” regulations he believes destroy jobs.

“Government regulation and overbearing executive action stifled small businesses and job-creators,” he said. “I will continue to support initiatives in Congress to lower taxes and reduce costly regulations.”

As chairman of the House Armed Services Subcommittee for Emerging Threats and Capabilities, Wilson said he was also committed to strengthening the nation’s cyber capabilities and promoting the U.S. military, veterans, and their families.

“In the past year, terrorist attacks at home and across the globe have constantly reminded [us] that we are in the global war on terrorism,” he said. “We need to promote peace through strength to protect American families.”

Throughout the 115th Congress, Wilson said he would advance legislation in the following areas:

Create jobs and economic growth by working with local chambers and agencies to bring quality jobs to South Carolina, protecting anti-union “Right to Work” laws, continuing to advocate for the critical missions at the Savannah River Site and Savannah River National Lab, and repealing and replacing Obamacare, which the U.S House has tried – and failed to do – more than 60 times under President Obama.

Reduce regulations that “harm jobs” by supporting a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution and conservative budgets, cutting taxes to allow families to keep more of their hard-earned paychecks, and “eliminating burdensome government regulations that stifle small businesses and job creation.”

Strengthen the nation’s cyber capabilities to protect the nation against cyberattacks by strengthening the country’s offensive and defensive cyber capabilities, coordinating an inter-agency response to cyberattacks, and promoting public-private partnerships to encourage innovation.

Promote the military and veterans by maintaining the military’s responsiveness and capabilities to promote “peace through strength,” protecting medical TRICARE benefits and sustaining quality of life for military families, reversing defense sequestration “which hollows out the military,” supporting National Guard and Reserve units, and supporting reforms to the beleaguered and broken VA system.

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