Deerfield Elementary teacher debuts first published book

A newly published author, Deerfield Elementary teacher Lauren Dasher, recently drew from her experiences to teach students about perseverance and the process to create a children’s book.


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Dasher’s first book, “Freddy Frog and His Adventure,” hit shelves in October and is available for sale at Amazon. The first-grade teacher says the concept for the book started when she was just 13 years old.

Dasher took her original idea and rewrote the story to include important topics such as not talking to strangers and the dangers of greed. Last year, she learned the book was accepted for publication by Tate Publishing, which officially released the book on Oct. 25.

“It all started three days ago. I was shooting hoops on my lily court when a strange noise started coming from the other side of the pond,” reads the book’s citation on Amazon. “In Freddy Frog and His Adventure, children will learn the concept of stranger danger as well as greed. Freddy teaches children that some actions have difficult consequences, but it is how we respond to those actions that define our character.”

Students at the Lexington-area school were among the first to read “Freddy Frog and His Adventure,” a 24-page paperback aimed at readers ages six to eight. Just before Thanksgiving, Dasher unveiled the book and also spoke to her students about the writing, editing, and publishing process.

(Article courtesy Lexington County School District One).
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