Lexington County Clerk of Court employee charged with embezzling thousands

A former 11-year employee of the Lexington County Clerk of Court has been accused of stealing thousands of dollars from the office, the State Law Enforcement Division announced.

ana marin

Ana M. Marin (Photo provided)

Ana M. Marin, 40, was arrested Wednesday on a charge of embezzling public funds. According to a SLED warrant affidavit, Marin is suspected of stealing as much as $36,000 while collecting court fees as a clerical assistant in the clerk’s office.

Clerk of Court Beth Carrigg called for an investigation last year after discovering money missing from the office’s account. An audit found approximately $75,000 in missing funds. It remains uncertain where the balance of those funds disappeared to, however.

In the affidavit, SLED Special Agent Gianna Williams claims Marin pocketed the funds between January 2013 until her termination from the office in May 2015.

“Marin was purported to have made statements to employees of the LCCCO that she had destroyed hand-written receipt books that may have been associated with the unaccounted fees,” Williams stated.

A search of Marin’s checking account revealed numerous cash deposits totaling $36,000, over and above her clerical pay, tax refunds, and income from a Subway restaurant, Williams said. Further, a review of her tax returns didn’t show a source of income to account for the influx of cash.

The mysterious cash deposits also seemed to stop following her termination, aside from one unidentified “customer deposit,” Williams said.

If found guilty, Marin could face a fine in proportion to the funds allegedly embezzled, as well as a maximum 10-year prison sentence.

Marin’s arrest marks the third time in the past five years that county staffers have been accused of pocketing public funds.

A former assistant to the county treasurer pleaded guilty in 2013 to pilfering more than $8,100 in public funds for personal use. In 2013, SLED also looked into reports of missing money in the magistrate’s court following an audit.

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