Brookland-Cayce High School’s career-readiness program shows promising results

The I2Tech program at Brookland-Cayce High School has been helping prepare students for future careers for two years, and educators already are seeing positive results.

Students visit Nephron Pharmaceuticals near Cayce. (Photo provided)

I2Tech students visit Nephron Pharmaceuticals near Cayce. (Photo provided)

Lexington School District Two adopted the TransformSC, one-to-one technology project-based learning program two years ago to teach students how to be effective communicators and collaborators. The program includes a range of students, from every level of ability.

But I2Tech classes are not taught in a traditional method, but rather in a group-learning environment.

Student groups might get a visit from the S.C. Department of Natural Resources to solicit solutions regarding wild boar control. At other times, students have traveled to Nephron Pharmaceuticals near Cayce to learn about the type of employees the company will need to produce life-saving medications.

“I2Tech produces students who can face challenges and solve real-world problems,” said Bonnie Moskos, director of I2Tech at Brookland-Cayce. Moskos said it’s a different approach but that students still learn the core subjects of biology, algebra and English.

And the results are what educators had hoped for. Students in the I2Tech program at Brookland-Cayce High are scoring highly on end-of-course exams.

“The test scores are really significant,” Moskos said. “They are impressive numbers.”

In addition to core subjects, I2Tech students are exposed to engineering with assignments that require clear communications and other soft skills. The students discuss ideas and coordinate to draft group contracts. Students also can terminate a member from the group for not meeting standards.

“We keep it as realistic as we can,” Moskos said. “And they remember what they learn. We feel it is a very effective way to learn.”