Lexington County gets $8.5 million in new road funds; concern about local roads remains

Lexington County is getting an additional $8.5 million in gas tax funds this year, but the county’s roads still may not be getting repaired.

The state Legislature released more funds from the “C fund,” or gas tax revenue, and counties receiving more funding must use their allotment on state-maintained roads or bridges over those roads.

“This money helps the county, but it’s not money we can use to address maintenance on our roads,” County Administrator Joe Mergo said.

Lexington County maintains approximately 1,200 miles of roadways, with 660 miles of those being dirt roads.

Public Works Director Wrenn Barrett today presented a list of recommended state road projects from the state Department of Transportation.

Roads with higher traffic count, including Fish Hatchery Road at Highway 6 and Wattling Road in Springdale, account for $3.5 million of the budget, while the remaining $5 million would be spent on streets with lower traffic counts.

Resurfacing projects are planned for Karleney Avenue in Cayce, Gibson Road, Swartz Road and School Drive in Lexington, and portions of other streets throughout the county.

Council Chairman Todd Cullum expressed concern about the way SCDOT classified some roads and asked for the opportunity to provide more input on the project list.

“If it’s a road that has real problems, we need to go ahead with (repairs) regardless of how it’s classified,” Councilman Johnny Jeffcoat said.

Council members asked county staff to review the list and ensure that as many projects as possible can be completed.

Staff will not be managing the projects, Barrett added, because the roads fall under SCDOT’s jurisdiction.

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