Midlands Technical College surgical technology students buzz in at annual Quiz Bowl

Surgical technology students from all parts of South Carolina gathered for friendly competition Friday in Lexington.

Midlands Tech students await their turn in the annual quiz bowl. (photo by Rachel Ham)

Midlands Tech students await their turn in the annual quiz bowl. (photo by Rachel Ham)

Lexington Medical Center hosted the 17th annual Surgical Technology Student Quiz Bowl on behalf of Midlands Technical College and welcomed more than 100 students from schools including Central Carolina Technical College, Greenville Technical College, Horry-Georgetown Technical College and Piedmont Technical College. Students wore shirts representing their school with taglines like “#ScrubLife,” “Got Silk?” and Midlands Tech’s “This is why we count,” with an X-ray showing an instrument left behind in a patient.

Students are set to graduate this summer following three semesters of hard work.

The quiz bowl offered the young medical professionals a chance to meet others in their field and prepare for their national certification exam. Teams of four were asked questions straight from the exam, and students in the audience tried to answer them quickly.

“It’s a big study session,” Midlands Tech student Charity Bowman said.

The competitors were quizzed on aspects of human anatomy, surgical techniques and surgical tools to see if they are ready to assist doctors and nurses in the operating room. Midlands Tech student Meagan Kelly said the hands-on aspects of being a surgical technician drew her the career field.

“It’s helping patients more and less paperwork,” she said.

Midlands Tech students work alongside physicians at Lexington Medical Center and other area hospitals during their clinical rotations.

“The surgeons are so willing to teach,” Bowman said.

“(They) care enough to teach us,” Kelly agreed.

Kelly also praised Midlands Tech’s “great teachers” who prepared their students well for the national certification exam.

Students tried to buzz in first and

Students had to be quick with their buzzers Friday. (photo by Rachel Ham)

Lexington Medical Center employs between 50 and 60 surgical technologists. Friday’s quiz bowl allowed students to network with the hospital’s human resources staff.

Not everyone gets a job offer immediately, but HR representative Sarah Cargile said Lexington Medical Center keeps contact information gathered at the quiz bowl on file.

“This is a pipeline for those critical positions,” she said.

Lexington Medical Center hosts a student surgical tech program during which students can work part-time while still in school. They then can apply for a full-time position once they complete their certification.

Learn more about Midlands Technical College’s surgical technology program online.


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