Kaminsky’s brings sweet treats, cocktails for The Vista’s late-night diners

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Charleston’s late night spot for a sweet treat has made its way to Columbia. Kaminsky’s Dessert Cafe is serving up desserts, drinks and specialty coffee in its new location in The Vista.

“We just want people to enjoy what we have to offer,” said operating partner Mike Evans. “We’re just a cool hang-out space.”

Marketed as a “dessert cafe,” Kaminsky’s hopes to attract everyone from the casual set to those with a sophisticated palate looking for something most restaurants in Columbia don’t specialize in: the sweet end to a meal.

“We pick up where all the restaurants leave off,” Evans said. “Everyone likes to concentrate on great appetizers and entrees, and we want to pick up on the end of that and capitalize on great desserts people can get.”

The foodie spot has been a staple for Charleston for more than 20 years. The move to Columbia comes at a time when The Vista is becoming a top spot for dining and entertainment.

“It’s kind of one of those things where we never knew if it would work and how would we go about packaging it to make it something we could bring to our other markets,” Evans said. “We figured let’s give it a try here in Columbia.”

Kaminsky’s offers a menu of specially blended coffees including espresso, cappuccino and macchiato sourced from Charleston-based King Bean Coffee Roasters. Guests can also choose from a number of milkshakes based on popular treats like the Reese’s Cup and the Whoppers Malted Shake.

Those looking for something with a kick can order a regular milkshake spiked with Kaminsky’s selection of alcohol from its bar or can choose specially created adult milkshakes including the Dreamsicle made with Svedka orange cream pop or the Wake Up Call made with Bailey’s Irish Cream.

The cafe also offers an assortment of teas and hot chocolates.

Guests who enjoy a glass of wine will have a chance to test out Kaminsky’s draft wines selection. The new concept developed out of California as a way to cut down on the costs to bottle and ship wine, as well as provide fresh tasting wine that can last for five months as opposed to four days.

“This is the first time we’ve done it as a company,” Evans said. “It gives people an alternative. It allows us to do some cool things with it.”

Kaminsky’s serves six signature desserts including chocolate, red velvet cake and bourbon pecan pie, but Evans said the cafe will also change up its daily lineup to include some original creations like pies, cobblers, cheesecakes, cookies and other pastries.

Evans said Kaminsky’s will also allow guests to order their signature desserts, as well as make custom orders.

“Dessert is one of those things that you’re only limited by your imagination,” Evans said.

Pastry Chef Hayley Miller, a self-described Southern girl, said she wants to add a pound cake and strawberry shortcake to the menu as well as experiment with French desserts.

“I want to pull in some authentic French buttercreams. I also want to experiment with the gluten-free options,” she said. “I love good food and good products.”

Kaminsky’s moved next door to its sister restaurant, Pearlz Oyster Bar, in what was originally built as a pharmacy in 1905. The space retains the original brick work and beams, while adding fun touches like a statue of Bacchus, the god of wine and mischief, as well as original artwork from artist Sonya Sterling.

Kaminsky’s is the fifth restaurant in Columbia for Homegrown Hospitality Group, known for places like Pearlz Oyster Bar, Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse and Liberty Taproom & Grill in the Vista and on Lake Murray. With the addition of Kaminsky’s, the company expands its food options in the Midlands and hopes to bank on the influx of new residents to the downtown area.

“It’s not growing incrementally, it’s growing exponentially,” Evans said. “It’s a great time to be in this area in the ground floor. It’s the more the merrier. A rising tide floats all ships.”

Kaminsky’s opens Monday through Friday from 5 p.m. to midnight, and Saturday and Sunday from noon to midnight.


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