Photo Gallery: USC graduate opens trendy clothing boutique for women of all ages

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A University of South Carolina graduate has opened a boutique specializing in one-of-a-kind clothing for women of all ages. Elliott Bridgers, owner of Mainstream Boutique on Devine Street, said she hopes to bring affordable fashion and accessories to the Midlands market.

“Mainstream Boutique is a multi-generational women’s clothing boutique,” she said. “So the women that shop here are in their 20s and 70s, sometimes in their 80s. We try to have something for everyone.”

Mainstream Boutique has more 40 stores in 16 states. Bridgers started her franchise two months ago after working in a full-service ad agency for four years and as a pharmaceutical representative for nearly nine years. She said she had not seen herself in business at first but had been drawn to fashion since she was a child.

After learning about Mainstream Boutique in Florence and finding out that one was opening in her hometown of Greenville, Bridgers decided to open the third location in South Carolina.

“I’m just having so much fun buying the clothes, running the business, working with the customers; it’s just been a blast,” she said.

The store offers women’s apparel, shoes, jewelry and accessories as well as soaps and other gift items. Price points range from the $65 to $100 for jeans, $25 to $60 for tops and $85 to $150 for jacket. Bridgers said new items come in daily and that store owners can choose clothing tailored to their market.

“We just try to ensure that we offer affordable clothing, but it’s also important that it is quality clothing because its going to lay better on the body, it’s going to be more flattering. We want it to last women for years to come,” she said. “We’re all about women feeling good about themselves and being able to buy affordable clothing that’s going to look good on them and accentuate the positive.”

Mainstream Boutique also offers two labels exclusive to the store. MainandMe consists of denim, casual wear and accessories personally designed by founder and CEO Marie DeNicola. ADA is a line of wrap belts made of Argentinian leather than can be customized to a woman’s outfit.

“There are many ways to wrap it which makes it super fun. And it’s supple and flexible so you can’t damage it by wrapping it around your waist,” Bridgers said.

Mainstream Boutique offers a warm, inviting space for women to shop. A seating area with plush couches and large fitting rooms makes for a personal shopping experience.

Bridgers will offer a Black Friday special throughout Thanksgiving weekend. Each woman who enters the store will get a candy cane with a 10 percent to 50 percent discount attached that can be applied to the total cost of their purchase. Shoppers will also get a free gift with each purchase.

Bridgers said women who come to Mainstream Boutique will find unique apparel that she typically orders in a one-size run per style to ensure clients purchase original, trendy fashion.

“Women are not going to go out on the town and see other women wearing their clothing,” she said. “We try to keep things very fresh and unique, things that you would not find in a department store or any other boutique.”

Mainstream Boutique can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

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