Lexington County, Cayce voters repeal Sunday alcohol sales ban

Voters in Lexington County and Cayce approved separate measures on Election Day to relax restrictions on the sale of beer and wine on Sundays.

Lexington County officials said they received numerous requests from businesses in unincorporated parts of the county who said the playing field was not fair if adjacent businesses in town limits were able to sell alcohol on Sundays and they could not. Cayce officials said they also heard from grocery store owners in the city limits who said changing the Sunday laws would allow them to be more competitive.

The countywide measure passed with 62 percent of people voting for the off-premise sales, while the Cayce measure passed with 64 percent of the vote.

Before the referendum was placed on the ballot, Lexington County Council heard from area pastors and convenience store owners who spoke on opposite sides of the issue. Council members weren’t  in agreement either, with Councilman Frank Townsend, a pastor in Batesburg-Leesville, and Councilman Jim Kinard saying the “blue laws” should remain as they are.

Cayce City Council voted to add a city-specific question on the ballot in case the countywide measure didn’t pass.

The city of Cayce’s municipal election was also this year. Councilmen Tim James and Skip Jenkins and Mayor Elise Partin were all up for re-election. Their names did not appear on Tuesday’s ballot because each one filed to run for another term but no other candidates filed to oppose them.


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