USC alumna opens barre3 fitness center that mixes yoga, Pilates, ballet

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Staying fit can be tough as the holiday season approaches. But the founder of Columbia’s newest fitness center has folks “shaking and quaking” to achieve sleek dancers’ bodies in just 60 minutes.

Barre3 combines ballet barre, yoga and Pilates to create a low-impact workout that strengthens and tones the body.

“I wanted something that would age well with me,” said Lauren Truslow, founder and owner of barre3 in the Rosewood neighborhood.

The fitness movement offers a whole-body wellness program that includes a nutrition and social component to help individuals reach their health goals.

“Balance is a core component,” Truslow said.

Truslow, a graduate of the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina, settled on opening a barre3 franchise after learning about the company’s mission and becoming certified at the Portland, Oregon, headquarters last December.

Truslow is a former a gymnast and spent years teaching yoga, cardio and strength classes, and she is also a certified personal trainer. She said barre3 met and exceeded her expectations for a dynamic fitness program.

Truslow said she has lost her “baby weight” and completely changed her physique since adding the program to her own fitness regimen.

“Everything has lengthened and toned,” she said. “This is the best shape I’ve been in.”

Truslow has brought on four other trainers who will teach classes at barre 3 in Columbia.

Melissa Prasun was attracted to barre3 after taking Truslow’s power yoga classes, and she earned her certification in April.

“When I leave I feel good,” Prasun said. “You feel at peace.”

Prasun said that while barre3 contains many aspects of yoga with certain postures, it can still make a person break out in a sweat.

“I like that it includes the cardio you need to get heart healthy,” she said. “Stretching at the bar adds in the cardio and a little bit more intensity.”

Truslow said barre3 goes beyond fitness to build a deep mind-body connection within an individual. The social connection between clients is important to develop a support system in and out of the classroom. Barre3 also offers online classes, meal plans and recipes through its website. Truslow said she also will host fitness and nutrition challenges throughout the year to keep things fresh.

Barre3 opens Monday at 3000 Rosewood Drive. Classes will be available from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week, including holidays. Truslow will host a week of grand opening events including blowouts and a braid/bun bar with Glowout Salon and Shine Salon, raffle prizes and gel manicures from Soak Nail Spa. The first week of classes also are being offered free of charge.

Truslow and her husband, who owns a law firm in the community, are USC alumni and part of the growing number of young professionals making Columbia home.

“We’re huge Gamecock fans,” she said. “We’re not going anywhere.”

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