Photo Gallery: Local brewery’s Broad River Red Ale to be sold in bottles for first time

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A local ale popular with many bar customers now will be available for those sitting in armchairs rather than on bar stools.

River Rat Brewery's Broad River Red ale will be for sale in bottles beginning Friday (photo by Allen Wallace).

River Rat Brewery’s Broad River Red Ale will be available for sale in bottles beginning Friday. (photo by Allen Wallace)

River Rat Brewery employees spent Wednesday bottling 300 cases of the brewery’s Broad River Red Ale, which will be available for sale at local stores starting Friday.

“This is going to increase our expansion to broader horizons,” said Mike Tourville, owner of the brewery on Shop Road that began production in January. The bottled ale will be for sale at Green’s, Whole Foods and other local stores.

Tourville and his crew have Columbia’s first automated beer-bottling line, and he says that’s good news for beer lovers.

“Fresh from the brewery is about as fresh as it gets,” Tourville said.

Everything about the beer at River Rat is local, down to the custom designed labels featuring the River Rat logo above a blue river. The brewery was named in honor of Columbia’s three rivers and the workers who once worked on the city’s canal.

The brewery offers tours, and visitors, whether they take the tour or not, can try River Rat’s wares in the tap room or outside on the deck. The Broad River Red is the third River Rat brew to be bottled, and Tourville said it was a response to popular demand.

“We’ve had a lot of people tell us they’re looking for this beer to put in their refrigerators,” he said, adding that this is just the beginning for River Rat. “It’s going very well for us. I’m really excited about what’s going on.”

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