Local business brings new take to bow ties

A local business got its start thanks to a special request from a 7-year-old.


Jenny Kinsey of Tight Lines Y'all shows off a "3N1" tie (photo by Allen Wallace)

Jenny Kinsey of Tight Lines Y’all shows off a “3N1” tie. (photo by Allen Wallace)

Tight Lines Y’all launched this summer, and its clothing line centers on locally made, patent-pending “3N1” bow ties. The inspiration came when Terry Jones’ son asked to have dinner at the Capital City Club for his seventh birthday and to wear a bow tie just like his dad.

His parents were willing, but found that the only bow ties available in kids’ sizes were clip-ons, and young Tres would have no part of that. Terry bought an adult bow tie and took it to a local seamstress to have it tailored to fit his son, but that was just the beginning.

When people at church saw father and son in their matching ties, they asked where they could buy similar ones. The answer at the time was “nowhere,” and so an idea was born.

Jones brought two local seamstresses on board, along with website and social media specialist Jenny Kinsey, and Tight Lines Y’all launched in June and has been growing fast ever since.

Tight Lines Y’all offers not only “Daddy-n-Me” matching ties for fathers and sons, but matching hair bows for moms and daughters. All the ties are made in Columbia.

Just some of the many bow ties available (Photo by Allen Wallace)

Just some of the many bow ties available (Photo by Allen Wallace)

The “3N1” ties are just that: made from three separate pieces of material, they can be tied in multiple ways to produce the look of different ties. They do come with instructions, and if you’re a beginner, and there is an instructional video as well.

Tight Lines Y’all offers collegiate ties and formal ones with matching cummerbunds. They also takes custom orders. Their ties are available at several retail stores in South Carolina, with more to come soon, and you can also order directly from their website.

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