Former asst. principal said she was in love with student, according to documents

According to a letter dated Jan. 25, Lexington School District Two investigated Airport High School Assistant Principal Dawn Diimmler, 44, in connection to a close relationship with a student.

The letter detailing the investigation, was written by Lexington Two Superintendent William James. As a result of the review by James, Diimmler was placed on administrative leave while the investigation continued.

The district’s investigation found that Diimmler’s actions were inappropriate “for an educator.”

In another letter, dated Jan. 31, James said he reviewed several voicemail recordings between Diimmler and a woman that revealed “a close relationship with a student who graduated in June 2017.”

The recordings allegedly include a confession and apology from Diimmler admitting that she is “in love with” the woman’s son.

An inspection of Diimmler’s phone, issued by the district, and review of her email supported the existence of a relationship with the student.
James, based on the investigation findings, recommended Diimmler’s termination because the evidence he had seen “manifests an evident unfitness for teaching.”

Diimmler was fired by the school district during a Feb. 12, Board meeting. And the evidence found by District Two was turned over to the Cayce Public Safety Office for investigation of possible criminal activity.

Diimmler was arrested Saturday by CPD and charged with two counts related to a sexual relationship with a student.