Cayce Riverwalk, Phase II, reopened on a springlike February afternoon – with photos

Cayce Mayor Elise Partin and Parks Manager James Denny.

The horrendous floods of 2015 washed away part of the Cayce Riverwalk, but on a springlike February afternoon, Cayce got it back.

Phase II of Cayce’s Riverwalk was reopened Thursday, with new boardwalks and a clear path, free of debris.

Cayce Mayor Elise Partin said the portion that was reopened stretches from the Government  Locks to the Cayce Cove Apartments. She described the path as “much-loved” and “gorgeous.”

“And now our Riverwalk is completely open,” Partin said. It is connected to the 12 miles of the Three Rivers Greenway, along the Congaree River, where the Broad and Saluda meet.

The repair cost more than a million dollars, much of it reimbursed to Cayce from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA.

Cayce Parks Manager James Denny said 50 tons of underbrush were washed onto Riverwalk with the floods. He said city crews attacked the disaster with rakes and chainsaws, one log at a time, because the path was too compromised to bring in heavy equipment at first.

Riverwalk is open daily, until dusk. Denny said the trail is all nature, while it is in the middle of the city. He also said hundreds of people-a-day are on Riverwalk. Partin said visitors come from all over to enjoy it.