Catfish sundae creator loves traveling with the fair

By Karamie Sullivan

One of the motivating factors for many visitors to the South Carolina State Fair is to try the wide variety of food available.

Each year it seems there are even more options than the year before. One food stand is getting creative with their menu items, including their newest addition, a “catfish sundae.”

This is the Sundae stand’s second year at the fair, and the employees have seen quite a positive response to their before-offered steak sundae, shrimp and grits sundae and and pork sundae.

According to Megan Hagy, her family’s stand is going to continue to add a new type of sundae every year.

Hagy said there are different ingredients in this newest addition that make it different and exciting.

Like all of our sundaes it starts with a bed of fries, cut by yours truly, then we put our spicy remoulade on it, add our southern fried catfish, and then we put our tartar sauce on top,” she said. Megan and her sister in law Shawna Hagy will be manning the sundae stand throughout the fair’s entirety.

When asked about the origin of thie newest dish, Megan said it goes back to her and her brother.

Well this is my brother’s stand, but we argue about who actually came up with it,” said Hagy. The Hagy family owns six different food stands, all based in Florida. Megan’s parents and siblings travel to fairs across the Midwest in the summer, and they come to the East Coast states in the fall, selling the different types of food from their stands.

Truly and honestly, I just love it,” Megan said. Hagy believes this is something she plans on doing for the rest of her life with her family.

I enjoy getting to chat with people when they ask ‘what in the world is this,’ and I get to explain it to them.”

So far, she and Shawna say the response to the catfish sundae has been “fantastic.”