Clinton Sease Farm busy with corn maze, hay rides, and pumpkins

Clinton Sease Farm (Karamie Sullivan-ColaDaily Photos)

By Karamie Sullivan

Lexington’s Clinton Sease Farm is gearing up for its busiest two weekends of the year, with thousands of people visiting the farm to engage in fall festivities. 

The 175-acre farm has multiple playgrounds, a pumpkin patch, hay rides, farm animals, and one of its biggest attractions is an eight acre corn maze.

The corn maze layout is created by Clinton Sease.

According to Sease, the maze is associated with a franchise based in Pennsylvania called Maze Quest.

Sease decides what he wants it to look like, then a representative from Maze Quest puts that designs on a computer. Then Maze Quest comes out to cut the maze into the corn using a GPS for dimensions.

The first two years I had to do it the hard way, it was five of us with a tape measure and I had to go in with a map in my hand, and a ball of twine,” said Sease. “I’d have to count the squares we marked off, getting lost myself, then finally cut the path with a lawn mower.” Sease said it originally took him about two weeks to finish it. Now, it takes just five hours.

Another crowd-pleaser is the pumpkin patch at Sease Farms. It’s where children can search through the vines to find their perfect pumpkin.

I planted them for educational purposes, so now they can see it growing on the vine,” said Sease.

In the past, the pumpkins would be pre-picked and then placed where people could look through. But now children can see how the pumpkins grow.

In addition to the pumpkins grown on the farm, Sease also orders more to be brought in, and scattered throughout the patch. That helps keep the farm from running out of pumpkins before the season is over.

The Sease family has opened the farm to the public for 13 years. They have continued to add more attractions since their original opening in 2004.

Clinton Sease Farm is family operated, and Sease says he still enjoys it.

It’s work all the time, but it’s fun work,” he said.

Sease also said when people ask what kind of farming he does, Sease likes to tell them that now he farms people.

We try to make it enjoyable for people to come out here and have a good time, and hopefully they’ll even learn something,” said Sease.

The farm sees anywhere between 10-15,000 people come out for the fall season.