Richland County Sheriff’s car show in Hopkins raises funds for children’s gifts

By Karamie Sullivan

Cars more than 60 years-old, and as new as 2017, were on display at the Richland County Sheriff Department’s first annual car and bike show.

The show took place Saturday at Lower Richland High School in Hopkins.  The event was created to be a fundraiser for the “All Comers Track Meet” Sept. 2. The sheriff’s department has put the show on for the past 18 years at the high school.

Sgt. Jason Crawford was in charge of Saturday’s show, and hoped it would be a fun, new way to raise money while getting to interact with the community.

It was my idea to do the car and bike show just as an extra fundraiser and to kick off the race a little better,” he said. “I just had to get out there and try it, it turned out to do very well.”

Crawford said the money from the participants’ entry fees will be used to buy bicycles, scooters, and gift cards for the children participating in Saturday’s race.

One of the sheriff department’s new 2017 Chevy Camaro patrol cars was also being featured at the show.

The patrol cars were just released for service this month. “It’s an eye catcher and people like seeing it, so we brought it out to be a focal point for the show,” said Crawford.

The cars and bikes were on display from 10:30 a.m. until 2 p.m.

At the end of the show, there were 15 awards given out to the participants.

Award titles varied from “best paint job,” to “best engine,” and “most unique and original vehicle.”

Then the last award was given out to the “best in show.” The winner of the final award was Terry Livingston, who entered his royal blue 2017 COPO Camaro. Livingston said it was the first show he has ever entered. He was happy to take home the trophy.

This Camaro hasn’t been in any cars shows, but that other one of mine over there, the ’56, it sure has.”

Sergeant Crawford said plans to make this show an annual event, to continue to help raise money every year for the track meet.