Couple travels 860 miles for eclipse, Soda City Market extends hours for eclipse visitors

By Karamie Sullivan

Phil and Shelley Bohochik (right) with daughter Samantha and her fiancé. ColaDaily photos/Karamie Sullivan)

Columbia’s Soda City Market was particularly busy Saturday with more shoppers than usual.

And food and art vendors catered to the out-of-towners with different kinds of eclipse-related paraphernalia.

The vendors had extended hours Saturday until 3 p.m., anticipating that this could be one of their busiest Saturdays yet.

It wasn’t hard to see new faces among the crowd, including Phil Bohochik and his wife Shelley, who traveled to Columbia from Wisconsin for Monday’s solar eclipse.

We drove about 860 miles, which was 13 hours,” Phil Bohochik said. “And we only made one stop on the way down” The couple’s daughter Samantha moved to the Columbia area in January. The Bohochiks figured this event would be a pretty good excuse to come visit their daughter, while getting to experience the eclipse’s totality here in South Carolina.

The Bohochiks along with their daughter and her fiancé decided to come to Soda City to see what they could find while everyone is in town. “You know I figured, first we had some fried green tomatoes and now we have some shrimp and grits,” said Phil Bohochik. “Looks like we’re just eating our way through South Carolina while we’re here,” said Shelley Bohochik. The one thing she was particularly looking for were solar glasses while she was out. “One place back in Wisconsin got a shipment in, but sold out so fast it was crazy,” she said.

The family may stay at their daughter’s house in Irmo to watch the event Monday. However, they are contemplating making the drive to Columbia to see the eclipse at one of the parks or public venues.

We haven’t really talked about it yet, but if there are things going on in Columbia we’re thinking about driving over early to see it downtown.” Whether they end up watching from Irmo or Columbia, the Bohochiks said it will be a much more exciting image here, than in Wisconsin.